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HOT NEWS!!!!!!
Check back on this page periodically to see what the latest updates are, what changes are happening, who the guests are on the radio programs, and when the newsletter comes out.


Dr. Hayes hosts two radio shows: “The New World Order Disorder,” every Wednesday night, from 8:00-10:00pm, EST, on www.theamericanvoice.com, and “Tyranny Chronicles,” on Saturdays on www.themicroeffect.com, 5:00-6:00pm, EST.  (This show may move to a different day; just keep posted on this site.)  Both these radio shows on the two different radio networks deal with all the current political, religious, economic issues and biblical prophecies as well as many other topics.  Both shows are LIVE!  Visit our radio page at http://www.thenazarzine.com/radio_show.html for more info. Don’t miss these shows!

Gianni Hayes, Ph.D, is the author of 14-plus published books.  Two of her four novels (Lucifer’s Legion and 22 Friar Street) had been optioned for movies.  Jacob’s Demon is about End-Times, the Vatican, and the antichrist.  Besides novels, Dr. Hayes also writes pictorial histories, biographies, general nonfiction, textbooks, and various columns and articles for online sites and hardcopy newsletters and magazines. Purchase any one of them, and she’ll autograph it for you. Visit http://www.thenazarzine.com/products.html, or http://www.creative-services.biz/books.html, or www.theamusezine.com.



The Nazarzine now produces a newsletter—called “The Tyranny Chronicles”--about every six weeks with articles written by regular ol’ readers, and listeners of Gianni’s two radio shows.  News, humor, religious pieces, editorials, politics, and much more are included in the publication.  It’s FREE! And you can easily access it by going to the Tyranny Chronicles, and clicking on the banner.  If you’d like to try your hand at writing, read our first issue, now up, and study the guidelines.  We’ll maintain an archive of each issue.  “Tyranny Chronicles” are published by Gianni Hayes, Ph.D, and edited and showcased by Bill Clade and Brian Davis.  Share this newsletter with all your friends.  You’ll love it!


Best Selling Books

Gianni DeVincent-Hayes, who has been writing professionally for over twenty years, received her Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in comparative literature, studies,writing and the humanities from the University of Maryland College Park;earned both of her master's degrees from Duquesne University, with honors; and her bachelor's degree from Gannon University--Villa Maria College where she was awarded The Distinguished Alumni Honor. Additionally, she attended the University of Pittsburgh for two years where she earned The Letter of Highest Commendation and was endowed to the University of Rochester's Writing Program for five summers and to Middlebury College's prestigious Bread Loaf Writing Program. She was also honored her high school's Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumni Award. She's the author of 14 books and hundreds of articles. See creative-services.biz books page.She is also an international speaker. To have her speak to your group, see the above link and contact her at info@thenaz.us.


Gianni DeVincent Hayes' dozens and dozens of articles deal with many different topics, though she places much emphasis on discussing illegal immigration, America's loss of sovereignty, the ethics of cloning, media ownership by a handful of powerful Elites, the New World Order (NOW) and the Elites, secret societies, ancient history, UFOs, angels and demons, and many other issues. Some of Hayes' articles appear on www.newswithviews.com and at various sites online, as well as in books, major magazines and newspapers. She also presents on these subjects for organizations, churches, and other associations, throughout the world. Look for more articles on current events and what is happening in the world today going online and typing her name in the browser. This site, The Nazarzine, also lists some of her recent works..

Hayes offers a free newsletter (Nazfree) and a subscription-based e-zine (Nazmag) that covers all of these controversial topics. Dr. Hayes also provides a free newsletter on writing at www.amusezine.com.

Available Services

This site offers two publications under the title of The Nazarzine. One is a free newsletter, Nazfree, which will arrive in your e-mail box every two to three weeks. The other is a subscription-based electronic magazine, The Nazmag, which is published every month to six weeks. Both magazines cover politics, religion, immigration, and a slew of other modern signs of End Times and prophecy.--the only publication that gives you hot, valuable, and rare exclusive and inside news and articles.

Hayes also provides tutoring and critiquing on writing. She or any staff me in the http://www.creative-services.biz/ site can be reached through the contact page, or you can contact editor/publisher, Gianni Hayes, as , or the editor as editor@thenaz.us. Study the products page for purchasing CDs, books, and other items. We use PayPal. Contact us if you want to swap links or advertise in our publications.

About the Editor

Your devoted Executive Editor and Publisher is Gianni DeVincent-Hayes, Ph.D.; Editor-in-Chief is Karen Handwerker

They have held scholarly debates and discussions, and have done numerous presentations on Bible prophecy and the New World Order (NWO). They believe it is time to bring the news and the Lord's Word to the people and to frame it in such a way that readers will understand the importance of world events in relationship to the Bible and themselves; hence, our publication, The Nazarzine. Go to our contacts page, along with our sign-up and registration forms.

Lucifer's Legion
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Jacob's DemonClick the image for more information on these new books!
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